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Cosmiq Universe AG, corporate

Cosmiq Universe AG,

06.10.2021 - 08:04:35


keystone-sda.com and Instagram as the story unfolds daily until October 13, 2021.

The campaign is aligned to be at the heart of avatar Leya Love's purpose of connecting all the hearts of this world for a more loving and sustainable planet Earth. Through her adventurous, AI-backed storytelling on social media - taking her around the world - Leya Love has already touched people all over the world through the over 500 million impressions achieved on Instagram. The avatar is created by the Swiss transmedia company, Cosmiq Universe, with the mission to inspire everyone to act with heartfelt intention and help create a new, more conscious world.

Gerry Hofstetter is a world renowned light artist, event designer and film producer. He is the Managing Director and owner of Hofstetter Marketing, an international communication agency specialized in light art, events, design and film productions. The agency was founded in Zumikon, Switzerland in 1995 and has a subsidiary in Beverly Hills - Los Angeles. Gerry travels the world implementing light art projects of various sizes and in different geographical contexts. Many of his previous expeditions have taken him to Antarctica and Arctic, where his temporary light art projections aim at raising public awareness of the receding ice masses, the habitat of polar bears and other marine mammals.Leya Love is an avatar with a fast growing community, spreading love to humanity with the intention to rediscover our true nature, human potential, and the connection to our Earth - the source of love and life. Leya is the power of inspiration for her community - the symbol that everything is possible. Convinced that revolution starts in the heart, she inspires to have the courage to remember who we really are in our true human potential and live the best version of ourselves, in oneness with nature. She runs the hashtag campaign #worldawarenessmovement and has been a virtual speaker at UN associated conference GlobalYouth Summit by the International Commission of Human Rights. Her hundreds of thousands of followers create a swarm of intelligence, together with her team, representing her global movement and values.

Her creators at Cosmiq Universe AG, a Swiss group of transmedia experts, give life to avatar-driven story worlds that empower and inspire millions of people to help create a more conscious world. Through its virtual beings, Leya Love and Aya Stellar, Cosmiq Universe is shaping a metaverse of topics across impact storytelling, AI and tech backed social media content, film, light shows, virtual speaking, analog partnerships and media content, application of AI, music, and creating crypto-based NFT digital art value on the blockchain. The company is founded and supported by individual investors who believe in the power of changing the world through love and sustainability.

For press inquiries contact: siro@barino.ch / press@cosmiquniverse.com

Press images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/64ie60a6m89ak8u/AAAOlNY1FQw4hC5dqUrYxF6ka?dl=0 https://www.instagram.com/leyalovenature/ Instagram: Leyalovenature


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