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Cosmiq Universe AG, corporate

Cosmiq Universe AG,

22.09.2021 - 09:04:18

EQS-News: Cosmiq Universe AG: Avatar Leads the Digital Love Earth Movement - Arctica Expedition 'LoveYourPlanet'

and Opensea. Each of the nine artworks taps into the spirit of Leya Love and invites both her community and crypto collectors to live through consciousness and love, becoming one with nature. Other creative initiatives include Leya Love as co-author of the best-selling book Life-Values: When Dreams Become True which can be purchased on Amazon.

Strengthening the connection to her followers, Leya Love continues to develop new ideas on how her community can interact with her story and environment. One was the release of her "Shiny Sparkles" AR Instagram filter that went viral. Within the first 30 days, the AR filter had reached 350,000 interactions (impressions, openings, pics taken, shares), proving to be a powerful authentic tool that allowed fans to blend into Leya Love's world and visually take part in her digital narrative.

Leya Love is the essence of love. She was created by the transmedia company Cosmiq Universe, founded by Annika Kessel, Hubert Rhomberg and the late Bruno Stettler. She is the company's first avatar to bring more awareness and love into the world. Leya Love is followed by the avatar, Aya Stellar, who is an interstellar being arriving on Earth on 22/02/2022 to bring back the secret of life.

Cosmiq Universe has positioned Leya Love in the centre of creativity, reinforcing her message through a new realm of CGI technology, surreal- and fantasy art. The transmedia company is banking on using Netflix-type series entertainment, mixed reality imagery, high-level spiritual storytelling, and growth-hacking to generate wide reach, high engagement, and retention traction. Together, Leya's community and her team form a collective social swarm of intelligence. A feature film, in which Leya Love will be an integral part of, will be shot in 2001-22 by a team including famous filmmakers.

Since Leya Love's first appearance on Instagram in early 2020, her community has been growing fast. Within the first year, she attracted a quarter of a million followers from all over the world. To-date, she has generated a total of 883,487,204 Instagram impressions; more than 20 million likes; 1,010,432 engagements; and more than ten thousand profile actions. Her campaigns reach 25 million profiles with a steep monthly growth rate, with ten thousand followers writing to her weekly.Cosmiq Universe AG is a transmedia business giving life to avatar-driven story worlds, creating virtual avatar ambassadors with purpose. They are shaping a metaverse of topics across storytelling, social media, film, light shows, virtual speaking, 3D production, analog partnerships and media content, AI, music, and creating crypto-based NFT digital art value on the blockchain. The company is founded and supported by individual investors who believe in the power of changing the world through love, inspiration, and compassion for a global new consciousness. Already more than 60 employees, experts, investors and creatives support the mission and World Awareness Movement of the avatars. Through its virtual beings, Leya Love and Aya Stellar, Cosmiq Universe brings world awareness and power of the heart storytelling into the digital realm and social media. By continuing to build a growing following on social media, the avatars empower and inspire millions of people for a more loving and sustainable planet.

Annika Kessel, CEO and Co-founder of Cosmiq Universe AG, is a business graduate from Stanford University and former consultant to the United Nations. She is a start-up passionist, investor and built together with teams commercial and technology ventures from early or mid-stage to multimillion dollar businesses. Prior to Cosmiq Universe she ran as Chief Digital Officer, the digital strategy and global clients expansion at Peakwork AG, a software house for the travel industry. She is a personal development enthusiast, loves to be deep in touch with nature and to contemplate over the meaning of human existence.

For press inquiries contact: siro@barino.ch / press@cosmiquniverse.com

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