Tokyo, Metropolitan

On February 1st, Tokyo Metropolitan Government held “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Olympic and Paralympic Games and Human Rights Symposium” at TMG Building with around 500 participants including Tokyo citizens, persons involved in the Tokyo 2020 Games.

21.02.2017 - 10:02:03

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Human Rights Division Reports Tokyo Metropolitan Government Olympic and Paralympic Games and Human Rights Symposium

Yuriko Koike, the Governor of Tokyo, gave the opening remarks. She quoted the Fundamental Principles of Olympism declared in the Olympic Chapter, which suggest that the Olympic Games shall be secured without discrimination of any kind and respect human rights. She said “I would like to promote necessary measures to protect human rights concerning people with disabilities, race, colour, sex and LGBT, etc. The new Tokyo I envision is a warm city, a kind city, in which diversity is respected. I believe that it is by realizing this diverse city that we will realize the principles promoted in the Olympic Charter.” She recalled her visit to the Rio 2106 Games and said “I was deeply moved at the Paralympic Games. I would like to share my impressive experience with you, and your help will make the Paralympic Games a great success.”

She ended her opening remarks in English:
“Athletes and everyone around the world, Tokyo is a city that accepts diversity. Please come to Tokyo in 2020. We are looking forward to seeing you. Thank you.”

After that, the three guest speakers gave their presentations: Dr. David Ellis, the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission of the British Embassy, on how the London 2012 achieved the success of the Paralympic Games: Dr. Sarquis J.B. Sarquis, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Brazilian Embassy, on how the Rio 2016 worked on adopting barrier-free in both software and hardware: Ms. Miki Matheson, Gold Medalist Paralympian, on vision for the real inclusive society.

Lastly, Professor Yozo Yokota, the President of Center for Human Rights Education and Training, joined the guest speakers to lead the panel discussion titled “Vision for a Tokyo that accepts Diversity - 2020 and beyond”. They discussed on efforts to leave valuable human rights legacy and inspired much of the audience.