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Existence of God Challenged by Educreation Publishing's Emerging Author - Andy

24.10.2016 - 10:36:20

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The book, published by India's leading self publishing company Educreation Publishing and titled as Decoding God Puzzle – Belief v/s Alleged Science Fiction by author Andy, has challenged the existence of God.

In author's words, "The basic concept of God in our human society is God - the creator, God - the protector, and God - the destroyer. Somehow, I find this very difficult to digest. It is the concept that I have challenged in my book."

Andy, born on 24 August 1978 in Ahmedabad, India, has recently published his debut book with Educreation Publishing. It is available in more than 100 countries and more than 39000 locations. The book is performing quite well in India as well as in abroad. At present, Andy is an inhabitant of Mumbai city. He has done his schooling from Jasudben M.L School (ICSE), KharM'bai and HSC from N.M College of Commerce, Parle, M'bai, and further he pursued his bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from UMKC, Kansas City, USA and diploma in film making/business from Digital Academy, Mumbai. He gives all the credits of his achievements to his father Kiran Patel & Late Grandfather Naranji Patel. He belongs to a rich and affluent family.

Despite his physical disability – Cerebral Palsy (walking with two crutches), he never let it affect his personal and professional life. The same message he has tried to reflect through his book: Decoding God Puzzle - Belief v/s Alleged Science Fiction. Once he was done with his manuscript, he decided to publish book in India. He went every nook and corner in the search of publishing houses in India for his book. In the due course, he was able to find out that though it was very difficult to obtain the traditional publisher, but self publishing in India can indeed be a wise decision to get your book self published. Therefore, finally, he came to a decision to self publish his book with India's no. 1 self publishing company, Educreation Publishing.

A lot of emerging authors are being greatly helped by the new concept of self publishing in India. An established and leading platform like Publishing is supporting the budding Indian authors to self publish books.

Andy wrote the book, Decoding God Puzzle – Belief v/s Alleged Science Fiction, with an attempt to familiarize his points of view with his readers and make his ideas comprehended to the fullest. In this book, an approach has been made regarding the extent of God's influence rather than the repudiation or approval of the existence of that very God. This phenomenon has been served as the central theme of his investigation in this book.

According to the author, "When I say to someone that I don't believe in God, the first reaction I receive is that he is a fool, immature, arrogant. At first, I did not have anything to argue; now the situation is different, but the current, popular concept of God is so deeply imbedded in people's mind that it’d have to take several rebirths to look at God phenomenon with fresh pairs of eyes & brain."

An idea hatched in author's mind to write a book, basically for his own self, a sort of a collection of mysteries – to find out the answers to clear all his doubts and suspicion. During his childhood, Andy had an intense liking for the stories which people claimed as mythology. Like every other kid of his age, he was also instructed to have faith on God and on his powerful influence. He believed that it was a curse on him that he was vociferous by nature and was habitual of giving the vehement outcry for whatever did not fit his logical thinking and tried to figure out the reasons behind every odd by himself, alone.
God phenomenon was so confusing and puzzling to the author that he was unable to find out the answers of it single-handedly. Then, many years back a trip to United Kingdom changed everything for the author. He came across Erich von Däniken's Chariots of the Gods and found the book intriguing, which ultimately led him to countless other books & articles.

In the book, Decoding God Puzzle, Andy has incorporated the most direct & simple way to unravel the approach to explain the God phenomenon that exists in our society. This book does not portray God in the good or bad light, but it only imparts a refreshing look at the God phenomenon. Andy would also urge people to judge his thinking - not by reading few chapters of his book but by going through his entire book, after that only, the reader will be eligible enough to answer these simple questions asked by the author - "What if some of the things I imagined actually happens & what wrong did I say about our dear God?"

Decoding God Puzzle is now available globally in more than 100 countries and in more than 39,000 locations, in print as well as in eBooks. In India, one can get a Paperback copy of the book in Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam, BooksCamel, and Educreation Store, and eBook is available on Play Store, Kindle, and Google Books.

'Decoding God Puzzle - Belief v/s Alleged Science Fiction' is also available in more than 100 countries and in more than 39,000 locations as Paperback and eBook. In India, the book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, BooksCamel.com, Infibeam, Paytm, Rediff Books, Google Playstore, Kindle and many other places.

You may grab your own copy from the following links:

Educreation Store: https://www.educreation.in/store/decoding-god-puzzle-belief-vs-alleged-science-fiction.html

BooksCamel: http://www.bookscamel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=291

You may read more about the author here:

Andy: https://www.educreation.in/author/andy/

Official Website: http://www.andysgod.com/

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