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PHILADELPHIA, May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Yes, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer, but let's not forget what Monday is really about: commemorating and remembering the men and women that protect our country and the American ideals of freedom

Beerjobber Celebrates Memorial Day with a Craft Brewery Owned and Operated by an Iraqi War Veteran

PHILADELPHIA, May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Yes, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer, but let's not forget what Monday is really about: commemorating and remembering the men and women that protect our country and the American ideals of freedom. As a company that offers only American crafted beers for purchase online, Beerjobber recognizes the need to give back and honor the great men and women who have fought tirelessly for our country. Many veterans work in the brewing industry, including Iraqi War Veteran, Mike McCreary.

Mike McCreary is the owner-brewer of Cavalry Brewing, whose beers can be found only in Connecticut and on beerjobber.com. Mike survived the economic hardship of 2008, as well as war.  Forced to redirect his life's effort, he channeled his energy into his true passion in life, beer. Mike started a brewery named Cavalry, in part to share the experience of his service in the U.S. military. On active duty for three years, and in the Army Reserves for 19 years, Mike was deployed to Iraq in early 2003, leaving his pregnant wife behind.  As a Civil Affairs officer in Baghdad, Mike and his fellow servicemen fortunately made it back alive, despite extremely dangerous close calls. As a tribute to the servicemen who became his best friends, and all the soldiers who fight for America, Mike decided to honor them through his craft.  

Cavalry's beer names all have a unique story. You can have a closer look at these beers by visiting Cavalry's Brewery Corner on beerjobber.com. Beerjobber is also offering a special sale price on all Cavalry beers now through Monday.

Here's a sampling of the Cavalry beers available on beerjobber.com

Dog Soldier Golden Ale: Fine golden ale while light in color, with citrus aromas.

Hatch Plug Ale: Classic English ale made with pale malt, providing fruity aromas to work with the subtle malt flavors.

Marauder IPA:  Grainy maltiness with aromas of figs and lemon grass. Earthy, with a smooth bitter finish.

X' Limited Edition: Extra special, extra strong English Pale Ale. In the military an 'X' means it's experimental. Like a missile, this beer will only be launched if YOU the drinker deem it so.

Variety Pack: 4 great styles, including the Limited Release and the Seasonal!

So as you celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, remember what the holiday is really about; honoring men and women like Mike McCreary. Please take time to give back to these brave soldiers and veterans any way they can.

About Beerjobber

Beerjobber delivers fresh beer from brewers across the country straight to your front door. The site is designed to help make it easy to find, browse, learn about, discover, and order beers from American brewers passionate about their craft. The beers are picked up from the brewery and delivered at the peak of freshness and taste. For more information, visit www.beerjobber.com

Contact:Kristin MazanyBeerjobber1-267-303-3599kristin@beerjobber.com

SOURCE Beerjobber

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